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@WolfLacey    Good afternoon, TJ...I, too, am older...almost 75 years old.  I am fortunate,so far, to be mobile.  I have two VWs which my wife and I drive only to the vintage car club and a few other places.  My advice to you is that if you are not very mobile,and you have little money to invest in a vintage car, it is best not to fret over it.  Why don't you look around for a vintage VW group with which you can participate.  I bet that they would allow you to go to meetings and to associate, in that way, with other vintage car lovers.  You probably can also find people to ride with on caravan cruises and so forth.  Sort of a "proxy" way to enjoy the cars.  We have a person in our group who is in this same situation.  He had to sell his beloved Beetle due to health-mobility issues.  But, he enjoys coming to our VW group.  He is there early for each meeting and reserves the tables at the restaurant for us and participates in the conversations, etc.  Think about it rather than being sad about it!  jay in texas

1 year, 6 months ago on Classic VW BuGs Watch out for Scam Fraud Artists Selling MY Beetles on eBay!