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This is very sad to hear. SOI DOG foundation is a good one, I have seen them do great work to end the dog meat trade in Thailand. Our dollar goes a long way. I do hope that articles such as these do not put people off from giving to good charities. I usually look for the 503 tax forms online to see where the money is going. There is also a group YODA in India where young folks have just banded together and are helping strays. There is no one behind them, no major charity, they are just using Facebook to pass the word around. I tried to give them money but they have no way of collecting funds. If you can, you should try and look them up in Facebook and donate food for the dogs. These college going kids who in some cases are working full time are still taking the time to really help dogs on the streets (and cats). It is very grass root. 

1 year, 6 months ago on SPCA International Going to the Dogs?