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Ok. But we can't beat any good teams. I'm a little panicked. There's no reason I should be, but I am. 3 point line defense! Defense in general! 

1 year, 4 months ago on Spurs’ loss to Pacers a reminder that it’s only December


@Oriel Kerr @GaziR

Forgive me Oriell, there was no call for me to be rude. 

We are both entitled to our opinion, but it seems that both of our opinions up to this point are just based on anecdotal perspective. 

Being good in classes don't mean anything - I agree. But my point in their successes in not just startups, but a different type of learning and thinking, was that not all doctors are "unimaginative."

And I can believe that doctors are arrogant. But their failures aren't necessarily tied to their medical success arrogance, right? Unless you've heard them say that, what makes you think that's the case (seriously asking here)? 

Don't many entrepreneurial efforts fail? Does it have to do arrogance?

The drop out one - ok, I was being too narrow minded here - I dismissed this out of hand.  I should have rephrased it, but I was trying to be open to changing my mind given hard data.

This seems like a balanced article; it argues both points. But it  also points to some studies that show better educated entrepreneurial are more likely to receive funding and have lower failure rates. 

I understand your point though - that they can't deal with both business and college so they drop out. But when you made your original statement, it sounds like you're saying school/education is holding them back and hindering them and that didn't really make sense to me.

 I never mentioned algorithms? And many engineering courses and programs require a great deal of out of the box thinking and creativity to succeed.


Again, I apologize for being rude - I was trying to brash, why I don't know. But I don't believe I was being unfair. Your perspective are based off of your own anecdotal experience and I was annoyed by your generalizations due to  just those experiences.

Also, I keep re-reading my post: where do I assume you are a guy?

1 year, 4 months ago on Conversation @


@Oriel Kerr Oriel Kerr Did you even read the actual article past the title? 

1. "Just because you go to med school doesn't mean you are capable to be an entrepreneur. " He didn't say that. He clearly stated that there are dichotomies. Plus, his main point is that there are certain qualities that med students have that are needed by entrepreneurs. 

2. "You wrote this article from a biased perspective." Every article, unless you're reporting facts, is biased. This point doesn't prove anything. He CLEARLY talks about his own experiences in the beginning. And If this article is really about his experience and perspectives, of course it's biased. 

3. "Most doctors who are practicing medicine are incredibly anal and unimaginative when it comes to any business venture. " For example, this is your bias. It's your perspective. Do I totally discount that? No. But my perspective informs me that my friends in medical school did well in engineering and business classes. And many of their physician professors have founded start-ups. 

4. "Most entrepreneurs who make it are college dropouts or have never even been to college, in particular med school." I don't believe this. It doesn't make sense to me. You might just be gleaning from popular examples like Gates or Jobs, but is there any proof to show that they are the rule and not the exception? And I won't t believe it unless you can provide some data.

 Also, how are you at all qualified to say he wouldn't make as good a doctor? Seriously. 

1 year, 4 months ago on Conversation @


@unyke210 Wow, this is almost a stereotypically troll response. Sorry, just wanted to say that. There's nothing else to reply in this post.

1 year, 6 months ago on Tony Parker: Popovich showed team Game 6 again


@DimitriKoutsiaftis @unyke210 Well that's kind of a harsh reply. And even if you do get mauled like Ginobli did, you're not getting any ref calls that late in the game. But yea, Miami won Game 7 fair and square. We had a chance to win it as good as they did. And if we'd won the series, Miami fans would be crying for TP travelling in Game 1.

Refs are just always going to swallow the whistle. It is what it is.

1 year, 6 months ago on Tony Parker: Popovich showed team Game 6 again


@DimitriKoutsiaftis @gazfather @johngiang3 

I meant Kawhi missed that crucial game-winning FT at the end. And my point is that any ONE of those things could have won the game for us. Ginobli did get fouled - it wasn't flagrant but I thought it was obvious. At any other time, it would have gotten called. Sure, Tim could have gotten a rebound. But EVERYONE's 3 point defense could have been better when 3s were the only way for the Heat to tie it up.

And I'm sure Pop has watched it. Many,many times. I'm saying that whatever he's done and whoever he's had faith in has gotten us 4 rings. We didn't get this one for many reasons. You're right though. I think we'll be back this year. And if everyone stays healthy, this is our year.

1 year, 6 months ago on Tony Parker: Popovich showed team Game 6 again


@frank_mosqueda The odds haven't been in our favor in 7 years. It's fine.

1 year, 6 months ago on Tony Parker: Popovich showed team Game 6 again


@DimitriKoutsiaftis @johngiang3

We lost because of luck and because we faced a superior team in Game 7. Yes, Manu had many TOs. But he was the sparkplug that helped us win game 5. We lost because of a missed FT, a missed rebound, two fantastic 3 point shots (one to the greatest 3 pt shooter of all time).

We lost 1 in the best contested finals series in a decade facing a generational talent and a damn good team.

We won 4 championships doing it Pop's way. 

Let it go.

1 year, 6 months ago on Tony Parker: Popovich showed team Game 6 again