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@unyke210 @DimitriKoutsiaftis oh now you are insulting. Yes I am an American even though my last name is not something you would be familiar with. That comment though is borderline racist but I expect nothing less. 

I own a car and probably pay more on insurance in a month than you do in 10. 

Why do you feel the need to mention "you served your country. went to war and came back". Who asked you if you did or not? who asked you to go? who put you in war? did your attendance improve the world? did you build communities or wreck them? did you pick up a gun and shoot at guilty or innocent? was it for peace or war? 

No one gives a fuck if you went to spread war and came back. no one asked you and no one gives a shit but you! but keep on mentioning your "service". 

I haven't argued with anyone. I have made a complaint about the coach. You got on this thread talking nonsense about asterisk and bullshit. Now you were kidding. so fitting. you never said "i was only playing". 

I'm glad you could spell "Genious" this time.

i will respond to you "genious". you and your service to your country. Your "lambo doors" doors on your Excursion and your "28s". with your "cussing" and your complete ignorance about Americans having a particular name. Like the inherited  slave name you walk around with every day. Handed down by your masters master master. 

 I'm not a young Spurs fan. Been a fan since 1989. I'm hiding behind a PC. 

I do hope the Spurs redeem themselves this year though but it pains me that you root for the same team I do

1 year, 6 months ago on Tony Parker: Popovich showed team Game 6 again


@unyke210 @DimitriKoutsiaftis i post a pic. I dont hide. Ex Marine does not make it any better. who gives a fuck about a retarded excursion with 28s? no one in the real world gives a damn. 

hmm mm go flip some burgers because you run a corporation. How about we go own a burger stand that makes more money than "corporation" you own. 

you're talking about IQs you can't spell genius and no intelligent person would stake his claim to like on his "lambo doors" and his 28s. A real success would actually go buy a Lamborghini and shut the fuck up about it. 

its obvious what gutter you crawled out of , got a free ride in the Marines now run some small business and blow all your money on car and then turning it into an abomination. They must love you when you drive by in the hood but no where else in society does your car matter.

what matters is that you got on a basketball post, have no clue about basketball, made a comment that makes no sense. then went on to misspell your intelligence only to come back talking shit about peoples picture and how you have some car and rims no one cares about. 

Semper Fi jackass! disgraced to the uniform and to society

1 year, 6 months ago on Tony Parker: Popovich showed team Game 6 again


@unyke210 well lets see. You are a dumb ass idiot mentioning asterisk  to describe the Heat Championships. That means the Spurs have an asterisk also.  Who cares about Full Sail University. Prior to you mentioning it I have never heard of it. Is it a school for sailors? 

Also hate to tell you if you're a Marine you are incapable of thinking for yourself. You let others do it for you. "embrace the suck"! What is a genious , genius???? I don't sit there watching "come on man!" in fact I immediately shut it off. 

Do not come on here mention asterisk again. as for your idiocy there's nothing that can hold it back. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Tony Parker: Popovich showed team Game 6 again


@gazfather @DimitriKoutsiaftis @unyke210 i just dont like the fact that someone would actually use the "asterisk" championship especially if they are a Spurs fan which was the first team with that bogus label. 

Parker didn't travel

1 year, 6 months ago on Tony Parker: Popovich showed team Game 6 again


@unyke210 are you a Spurs fan? if you are shut the fuck up!

1999 was a lock out season but the Spurs won and everyone competed. That asterisk talks is bullshit from Phil Jackson just to talk shit and act like no one else can win but him. 

Ray Allen traveled but it took 90 days later and Rick Barry to point that out . No one on the court signaled it. ?If you were the ref you wouldn't have seen it let alone call it and unless someone gets mauled they are not calling a foul

it is what it is and your an idiot with dumbass excuses

1 year, 6 months ago on Tony Parker: Popovich showed team Game 6 again


@gymbear Ginobili should not have been in the game! There are NO circumstances that  Duncan and Parker should not be in the game in the last 3-4 min of a close game to decide a championship. What happened in game 6 and 7? Both Duncan and Parker are on the bench in the most critical of possessions both offense and defense! Basically stripping the team of having the best possible chance of making a play on either end. Why? because Pop! 

What great coach takes his best players out of key moments late in a game? NOT ONE!!!!!!

I think Pop and his faith in Ginobili blew the series! especially the game 6. and lets be serious game 6 was everything. I thought they would win in 6. If anyone thought they would win game 7 on the road they dont know jack shit about basketball! it doesn't happen it won't happen unless the home team is so inferior and in the NBA Finals it will never happen EVER. 

lets hope this year he doesn't over play the reckless fading talents of Ginobili gain. I get his love affair and all the Ginobili has done for this team. To me the 2005 Finals MVP but he has to let go. and he can't have BOTH his two best players sitting on the bench during big stretches of the 4th when Miami is making a run and in the most critical of possesions

1 year, 6 months ago on Tony Parker: Popovich showed team Game 6 again


@gazfather @DimitriKoutsiaftis @johngiang3 dude he was out of control! he took 4 steps and flopped! Parker MUST be the one with the ball there not someone out of control trying to set a finals record for turnovers. 

its been 6 years since the last ring. And the previous teams were more built on defense than they are today.  

I dont know if this is our (i hate saying that since I dont have a jersey with my name on it) year. I thought for sure we were going to the Finals up 2-0 vs OKC. We were playing better than anyone I can remember and boom! its all collapsed. 

I know this though, that is as close as any team in the history of this league has come to winning a championship! they had the trophy literally right by the bench!!!! and the collapse was self inflicted. 

Poor substitutions, poor game planning, lack of execution, missed FT, not boxing out. To listen to Popovich, scoff at the idea of fouling up 3pts to put them at the line and saying "thats what they do over in Europe" when he himself has ripped talent and coaching styles from there should piss people off. 

what you got out of these Finals is hopefully Kawhi progresses into something great. Tim Duncan is still the best PF in this game. Best big man period! Parker is an elite player and MVP candidate every year. Ginobili is 3 degrees short of being well DONE! and Popovich who I used to think he was on the level of Phil Jackson, Riley, Daly as being one of the great modern coaches in the NBA took a massive step back and I will never put him in that class ever again because he doesn't deserve it. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Tony Parker: Popovich showed team Game 6 again


@gazfather @DimitriKoutsiaftis @johngiang3  my point is that Pop should be the one watching that game and series over and over again. His substitutions and faith in certain players, especially Manu was horrible. 

They lost game 6 because of TWO rebounds. and THREE free throws. But Duncan was not in the game on the rebounds and Parker was not in the game when Manu decided to take 6 steps and beg for a foul. 

The Spurs had them beat! dead to rights and they let them off the hook. 

They are still the bets team in the West. No one else has proven jack! OKC is not as talented. Clippers and Grizzlies dont scare em a bit and Houston who's increased the talent greatly has to prove it. 

We can't just say we got beat by great players and thats it. Lebron sucked! he played well for 2 games and 8 minutes. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Tony Parker: Popovich showed team Game 6 again


@johngiang3 @DimitriKoutsiaftis dude who are you selling this to? You got rid of a player who contributed and even played very well the year before in the playoffs for NOTHING!

If Boris Diaw can contribute S-Jax definitely could. Regardless of attitudes. You act like championship teams in all sports don't have misfits on their rosters. 

You think Parker asked out of game 6 with 10 sec to go? or Game 7 with that disgusting play where Ginobili is handling and passing the ball under the basket? Or did you bother watching him in the Euro championship playing nearly every minute and demanding the ball. 

Popovich must take a massive hit for this loss. He is not bulletproof, he screwed up royally. Coaching and his faith in Ginobili.

1 year, 6 months ago on Tony Parker: Popovich showed team Game 6 again


@johngiang3 @DimitriKoutsiaftis you know for a fact S-Jax wanted to play more than Leonard or Ginobili? also would he have contributed more than T-Mac who basically did nothing!

As for Parker's fatigue cop out, then the coach should have planned his rotations better because when you take your best offensive player at the most critical offensive possession of the game not once but twice! there is no excuse!

1 year, 6 months ago on Tony Parker: Popovich showed team Game 6 again


@MarkCubanisaDouche @JeffProjectSpurs how can you possibly say , "we dont make the Finals without Manu". there are more than 2 dozen players that could have contributed more than Manu did . 

He played well once in every 7 games. He was picking up fouls by reaching in aggressively on players. He was forcing bad shots and as he's been his entire career he was reckless. Only this time the other teams players he's matched up against have more talent and he can't hide his mistakes.

How Popovich let him play 33 min in game 6 when he piled up 8 turnovers is unforgivable. 

How do you design a play with Manu and Tim Duncan late in game 7 only for him to drive under the basket vs better, more athletic talent and throw a hideous pass to Duncan with Parker ONCE AGAIN ON THE BENCH in a key spot!

Popovich should watch that game everyday! watch the series and eh will see he got worse just like Manu

1 year, 6 months ago on Tony Parker: Popovich showed team Game 6 again


@gymbear  If Boris Diaw can come in and give quality minutes in the finals S-Jax can also. Shot or no shot. Diaw did pretty damn good defending Lebron, S-Jax could do the same and he would contribute more than T-Mac.

There are great coaches in all sports that deal with headcases. You dont cut someone who does play does some contribution for someone useless. 

Green could not get an open shot because they were not doubling Duncan anymore. They let him go 1 on 1 and they would not leave shooters. Danny Green is not a player who can get his own shot period! but I wont complain too much about him, considering how bad he was vs OKC he made huge strides. 

agree with show them and show them again and again and again. The worst finals loss ever. Worse than 1988 with the Pistons. They had them buried and Marco will help this team big time. I think they are better this year. I also think Miami will make the finals based on D-wade and how motivated and healthy he will be

1 year, 6 months ago on Tony Parker: Popovich showed team Game 6 again


The fool should be mad at himself not the players for that loss. 

Popovich really wrecked his resume here. He got rid of Stephen Jackson who would have contributed and played for Tracy McGrady who he never used. 

He started every 4th qtrs in game 4-5-6&7 with  both Diaw and Splitter and Miami always made a run! or extended their lead

He kept his best defensive player (Duncan) off the court in key defensive situations late in game especially in game 6 then they make excuses he would have played the P&R not boxing out Bosh. 

Sits Parker late in 4th qtrs. I don't know if there's a coach anywhere with a brain in his head that would have his best offensive player out in the most critical situations only to trust a washed up Manu Ginobili who has 1 good game in 8 at this stage in his career. Not to mention how he has always been reckless vs a team that is throwing out the supreme perimeter players in the game that force more turnovers than anyone else in the league.

Memphis forced the Spurs into turnovers you think it would have been a priority to focus on that vs Miami? and limit any decision making or ball handling Ginobili would have. Yeah game 5 was great the other 6 games he sucked!

Players missed FT and didn;t box out but coaching in key spots takes away any extra  opportunities given to the team as a make up and to capitalize on it. 

His players lost confidence and aggressiveness. Neal, Green were lost. He can say knock the stuffing out of them early in the series he needs to say it 4th qtr of game 6 when Miami is playing with desperation and the Spurs were barely clinging on. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Tony Parker: Popovich showed team Game 6 again