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Detroit Red Wings

Pavel Datsyuk — Russia

Daniel Alfredsson — Sweden

Henrik Zetterberg — Sweden

Johan Franzen — Sweden

Tomas Jurco — Slovakia

Tomas Tatar — Slovakia

Montreal Canadiens

Max Pacioretty — United States of America

Alexei Emelin — Russia

Tomas Plekanec — Czech Republic

Tampa Bay Lightning

Ondrej Palat — Czech Republic

Richard Panik — Slovakia

Valtteri Filppula — Finland

Martin St Louis - Canada

Carolina Hurricanes

Tuomo Ruutu — Finland

Alex Semin - Russia

Columbus Blue Jackets

Artem Anisimov — Russia

Philadelphia Flyers

Michael Raffl — Austria

Jakub Voracek - Czech Republic

If you read the snyblog link I posted above all the indications is it can be one of these players, that being said boomer says the guy isn't signed long term, so we can weed a few more out

1 year ago on Boomer Esiason Hints At Potentially Imminent Trade ; Let's Speculate


Ya I just think he's really the only one that fits the rumors, I don't want that trade unless we're getting a high pick along with him

1 year ago on Boomer Esiason Hints At Potentially Imminent Trade ; Let's Speculate


If you read this I actually think it's pretty clear who it is and I'm pretty pissed about it and it makes no sense at all if I'm right.

Daniel Alfredsson.

1 year ago on Boomer Esiason Hints At Potentially Imminent Trade ; Let's Speculate


I for one was a huge fan on DZ two years ago, always backed the kid day in and day out. I just can't stand the consistent terrible play anymore. It's shocking that the kid has regressed so much. A change of scenery would be perfect for him and I bet he improves but just not to the flyers because im sure somehow that'll burn us. He thinks way to much and is probably trying way to hard rather than just playing his game. Now onto who should replace him, I mean this team is craving a tough player that can play solid d. This team needs to give McIlrath a shot. Its time for them to have a stay at home D man next to Moore to play 17-18 minutes a game and let Moore pinch and carry the puck while McIlrath sits back, blasts guys who put their head down and will actually stand up for his teammates. I love Dorsett and hes tough but hes not a heavyweight. You think someones going to take a run at a top player with the undertaker on the ice? no. not without paying for it

1 year, 3 months ago on Del Zotto to Be Benched or Possibly Traded?


pyatt sucks, amazing that a professional coach cant see that but every other person that knows anything about the rangers can, this guy has made some seriously questionable decisions so far this season and its only been 8 games, at least on Thursday the team had a little more jump and was more fun to watch, now mashinter is out, great, how is it that pouliot and zucc catch so much heat but pyatt hasn't been mentioned by the coach? pyatts gotta go.

1 year, 4 months ago on Lundqvist Progressing Slowly; No News on Nash; Mashinter Out; Zucc In


Dorsett should at the very least be sat a few games for mashinter, what a joke this guy is giving away any momentum this team gained. Pyatt has no business being on this team, you can't justify to me how this guy deserves a roster spot over kreider miller or kristo. Guy's slow, soft and provides no offense. What a joke. Girardi is a system defenseman, hopefully Van. calls for him soon. Dz is a joke, staal is the reason for two goals, Mcdonagh is not even noticeable anymore. I don't think Biron could stop a basketball from going through his five hole. Pouliot has some moves but I don't think he could score into an empty net....some players are coming around but half this team isn't even worth watching, I enjoyed watching the Blue Jackets yesterday afternoon more than this team last night.

1 year, 4 months ago on Blues 5, Rangers 3