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If Jake Matthews, Greg Robinson, Taylor Lewan, and Zack Martin are gone by the 12th pick, and none of the QBs falls to 12th so JR receives interest in trading down, then I wouldn't mind too much if JR picked up Ebron.  He'll be a good target for Eli, especially with no true #1 WR on the roster now that Hakeem Nicks is gone.  But that said, I tend to value TEs as TEs, not just a WR in TE clothing.  We had a real good TE in Martellus Bennett, who's both a very good blocker and a very good receiver.  But JR let him go to Chicago... mistake.  So if given the choice, I'd rather JR pick up Mike Evans with the 12th and then Troy Niklas with the 43rd.  He's certainly not going to be mistaken for a WR in TE clothing at 6'7" 270 lbs, but Niklas is by most reports the best blocking TE in college football today.  He's an effective receiver underneath, with good leaping ability.  So with the 4 top Tackles gone by the 12th, I'd rather have Evans and Niklas with the 1st and 2nd picks.   

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