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now cam talbot gets an extended chance to shine, just as he has in his brief playing time until now. How many goalies have 3 shutouts in their first 10 games of the season? Talbot is going to be a big star, and that's why the Rangers should look at him as the goalie who will follow Lundqvist as their number 1 goaltender when Henrik leaves or retires. Cam is a young guy, and he can continue to contribute in a big way until he becomes the starter, which could possibly come at any time. It would be terrible to see him become a big star for another team. It would be wonderful to see him join the pantheon of great Rangers goalies: Lundqvist, Richter, Giacomin, and my own personal favorite, Gump Worsley! Most of you are too young to remember the Gumper, but he was phenomenal!……………….The Gumper. 

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the  screen that leaves a massive shadow is perfect for the terrible new Rangers team, who will leave a massive shadow all season long. FIRE SATHER! WE WANT MESSIER!     

1 year, 6 months ago on New Scoreboard is Huge, Leaves Massive Shadow