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wow.. these are garbage

1 year ago on “T-Rex” Nike LeBron 11 GS


Is that first shot in their new store?? Like the brain pattern in the shoe. 

1 year ago on Extra Butter x Asics Gel Saga “Cottonmouth” – Release Info


colors are dope

1 year ago on Nike SB Dunk High – Blue – Black – Red


not bad...possible cop

1 year ago on “Powder Blue” Air Jordan 10


@andred77777 look at this dudes comment history..... going out of your way to hate on literally every post about this shoe.   Wonder what shitty ass store and employee this is thats jealous of EB doing their thing....Cant think of any other reason why he'd be taking this shit so personal.

1 year ago on Extra Butter x Asics “Death List 5″: Volume 1