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The announcers for the Braves/Dodgers games were awful indeed!

Monotone mania!  I almost fell asleep and it was a good game.

I went out the garage and turned the TV there on mute and listened to Vin Scully on my car radio.  Even though it was not in sync, it was just so much better!

In each of the last two games, when Andre Ethier came to the plate, this should have been a big deal!  #16 is one of the best loved by Dodger fans.  They didn't even announce his presence unit after he took a pitch (both games)!  How about looking in the on deck circle one in a while!

They seemed to be really slanted toward the Braves.  I thought they were actually going to cry when we got a peek into the booth right after the game.  Certainly didn't reflect my exuberance!  Hey TBS, did you know that half of the audience is rooting for the Dodgers?

Camera work was OK but directing was bad.  Replays didn't happen when they should have and real time action didn't always get the play.

Just plain BAD !

Blue Crew 48

1 year, 6 months ago on The MLB and TBS are just a bad match