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I like it! but I would add a couple of things. First of all (though it was inherent in your hypothetical signings) the GM should give an order to stay away from free agents tied to a draft pick. We need that first round draft pick as much as we need help with the MLB club. Second, I would listen to offers for Trumbo and if we could snag a prospect like Jameson Taillon, Noah Syndegaard, Dylan Bundy or Archie Bradley (even one of Seattle's magic three, although if this happens I know Trumbo will makes us pay ala Napoli) I say we go for it (some have even suggested a Trumbo-Zach Wheeler trade, I'm not sold on that but it could work). Third (actually more of a 2 1/2 as I'm not sure it is possible) Can the Halos just extend Vargas instead before he files for free agency or extending a qualifying offer? That way we would have (keeping the trades you suggested) Weaver, Wilson, Tanaka, Vargas, Richards, with Zach Lee (and possibly one of the aces in the making if a Trumbo deal is done) on the minors getting acquainted with the organization.

1 year, 6 months ago on Fixing the Angels for 2014 in seven steps