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Don't you mean Starcraft: Ghost? Nova was the protagonist, Ghost was the name of the game.

11 months, 1 week ago on 5 Things You Probably Never Knew About World of Warcraft


Fair enough, but you're kind of picking on the smallest piece of my argument - I'll grant you that, but I'd still argue that your premise is somewhat invalid, as the Giants have had a payroll in the top 25% for the last 3 years.

Are there some free agents I wish the Giants had signed? Sure, of course. Every team could say the same. But they're certainly spending money and boosting payroll every year.

11 months, 4 weeks ago on Why Giants Fans Should Root for the Dodgers in the 2013 Postseason


But the Giants have the 8th highest payroll - not exactly 6th highest, as in line with revenue, but it's not like they're cheapskates who never sign a free agent (hello, Hunter Pence). In fact, compared to the big money teams you mention, the Giants payroll for 2013 was higher than the Rangers by a good chunk and only a couple percent behind the Angels.

I want to see the Giants sign great players too, but it's not like the Giants don't spend any money. 8th in 2013, 6th in 2012, 8th in 2011. Payroll also depends on team needs and whether or not that player is interested in playing for that team (many hitters, especially lefties, are a bit wary of playing at AT&T because it'll hurt their power numbers and thus their value in their next contract).

I agree with your basic point - the Giants have more money than they're spending. Prettymuch every team does right now, which is why free agent prices have been going up so quickly. It's a more complicated situation than you make it out to be.

12 months ago on Why Giants Fans Should Root for the Dodgers in the 2013 Postseason