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SNY did a few Mets games with limited commercial breaks last season. They had Kevin Burkhardt still on the staff then to provide some great material.

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Kenny Albert is also the radio voice of the NY Rangers, so he would have been calling the Eastern Conference finals instead of his national exposure.  Joe Micheletti is of course the NY Rangers television analyst on MSG, so 2 Rangers announcers will be calling the conference finals, just not the one the Rangers are involved in.

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ESPN already has a press release naming Schilling as replacement in the Sunday night booth

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Enough with the Ravens debacle.  Guess what the 2014 baseball schedule is out and the Orioles are home on September 4th (presumed Thursday night opener).  They should move that game now.  Fortunately the Seattle Mariners will be on the road, so that should let the Seahawks be home that night if they go the distance.

1 year, 6 months ago on Sunday's San Diego Chargers-Oakland Raiders game moved to 11:35 p.m. ET