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Unless players accept there is a system in place, Kings will be, as in previous seasons, five guys using the same uniform, not a team. I think Malone needs to find  combinations of players that fit together. I see difficulties on Vasquez playing at slow pace and other players trying an uptempo game, sometimes without any system at all. On the other hand IT is a genius but it does not translate into victories so far. Let see what is Malone up to. There is a need for clear leadership in the team...

1 year, 5 months ago on CK Press Box Report: Portland Trail Blazers 96, Sacramento Kings 85


Michael McNamara is 'was' the main hater of Greivis Vasquez in New Orleans, never ever he gave any credit to Vasquez, even after Monty Williams told that Vasquez was his best player last year. At 247Hornets where MMc worked he and his colleagues made comments like... It think Vasquez was this game best player  because he injured the other team best player... and then all of them laughed,,,That week however Vasquez was named the Conference best player of the week. Remember that funny right, or at least very weird for a serious commentator.

I would say Vasquez is not an all star,Jrue Holiday replaced him,  but MMc is not by any chance a fair commentator. Please bring another opinion, not the Bourbon Street Shots biased one.

1 year, 6 months ago on Perspectives: Greivis Vasquez