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Magnus is a great passer and defensive player. It took him awhile to fit in here in Edmonton he is a kid all alone in the big city and I think it scares him. Once he gets comfortable and it will take some time he will impress with his offense and defence is is always amazingly good defensivley. Don't expect him to run anyone but his speed and passing abilities are tremendous. He was crushed being traded from Edmonton, totally crushed it was his FIRST NHL team and he lost his best bud "Lander". It was like the snobby kids wouldn't play with him in Edmonton and he was rushed out of town. He is not going to replace Peron right away but give that kid a chance, he has so much going for him. Once he gains the confidence there he will be an awesome player for years to come.

1 year, 6 months ago on Ken Hitchcock's confusing comments regarding Magnus Paajarvi