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I would love to see Kabongo make a good impression, and go to the Toros. He obviously should have stayed at Texas for AT LEAST 1 or 2 more years, to polish his raw potential, but seeing as he didnt do that, the next best place he could end up would be with the Spurs. I think he has enormous talent, and is a great athlete. I think he has a higher ceiling than his Longhorn counterpart Cory Joseph(who also should have stayed in school longer), but he also has a much higher chance of being a complete bust. If he can continue to polish his skills, become a better game manager, rather than trying to always make a hero play(like he did in Texas), then he could possibly be one of the Spurs hidden gems in the future, and even the next great point guard in San Antonio. Other than Kabongo, I think the reported signing of Sam Young is a great move. I know there are a lot of fans that would rather have Maggette, but as we have seen with former slashing-scoring SF's Richard Jefferson and Steven Jackson, scoring is not what we need from the backup SF position. We need a gritty defender who can guard multiple positions, rebound, and ocasionally hit a 3-pointer. Sam Young is exactly that, and nothing more. A few more great moves from a great organization. Go Spurs!

1 year, 6 months ago on 2013-14 Spurs training camp roster