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This is a very smart move. Best thing GMGM has done since receiving Federov...its been awhile. Perreault was the only move that made sense. Volpatti has not played as long as him, so comparing thes stats is mute. Volpatti also offers a toughness that Perreault never had. Fehr can also easily replace Perreault as center, as has been shown in preseason.

Also, none of us bloggers/commentors do not see the practices, the locker rooms, and the extensive video tapes that are reviewed. This was in no way risky. Semin moving was more risky than this one. At least Pereault, if he sparks in Anaheim, will be in the western conference.

1 year, 6 months ago on Mathieu Perreault, Tom Wilson, and Roster Decisions