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@Rob FurrĀ come on Rob you know only cat1 mtbrs and cat 3 roadies race cat 4/5 cross anyway.. they already have a licence! All snark aside, bummed to see the one day go up, but like the $70 for one licence... good on you...

1 year, 4 months ago on USA Cycling Modifies License Fees: One License for All Disciplines, Higher One Day Fees



Minor correction. both days of Charm City and both days of Granogue are UCI, This is not a new format for the MAC... As for having the 2/3/4 race last, pretty much everyone except the 2/3/4's likes it. No one wants to race last; but someone has to. Besides, now the master's racers have some beer left vs. those damn killer B's drinking it all! Cpt, last time I checked elite men have families too!



3 years, 7 months ago on Charm City: Euros Wyman and Field Continue the European UCI Points Grab