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I don't think you really got what was so great about the original Die Hard. That was a smart action film with great acting, and a plot that flowed beautifully. The action scenes really were just about believable, and the dialogue was perfect. The fact that he got beaten to a pulp and ended up bleeding all over and barely walking was iconic and memorable, but not what made it a great movie.

This sequel is a great example of what is wrong with how film has changed today. I honestly enjoyed the first 20 minutes or so, but then it went completely nuts. The action scenes were crazy and well over-done. I like some films like this, but only when they make it clear that that's what the movie is about and all that it's really about, like in Crank for example, but that's not what Die Hard was about, and LFoDH was trying to be a Die Hard film. The worst thing about it was that the film was filled it with unfunny, not clever dialogue (as mentioned COMPLETELY different from the first film) and explosions. It was embarrassing to see Bruce Willis at times.

Btw, it's ironic how all YOU can say is "yippy ki-yay motherfucker", when Bruce Willis couldn't really say it in the film, because of the rating, which was one of the major criticisms. Not that it really matters because, had the film actually been made well, no one would have really cared.

I think you see these films from a completely different perspective because you are a film-maker. Movies like this, and transformers, and the 2 latest terminator movies have deviated completely from what I used to love about watching films, and really are just big lights shows with some toilet humour thrown in (don't get me wrong, I'm not above toilet humor, but it's often done so poorly, particularly in Transformers 2). Very rarely the new effects are used well to compliment the dialogue/plot of the film these days. District 9 was a good example of what can be achieved imo.

Anyway, just wanted to offer a different perspective. Love all your videos even if I disagree with some of them, and you've introduced me to some older movies I wasn't aware of.

3 years, 6 months ago on Live Free Die Hard