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@James (Pagelines) @bc1235 Hi, Thanks for responding.  I will bring it up on the forum. 

1 year, 4 months ago on DMS Reviews & Roadmap


I've played with PageLines since it was originally released.  The initial releases left a lot to be desired BUT, those desires are constantly being addressed.  I love the CMS release.  It is everything I expected initially.  I'm still learning my way around but I find it pretty intuitive.

I have run across an "anomaly" however and seems to be in the CMS "theme" itself. (I'm using Version 1.0.4).  Currently, on this site, I'm using the free version.  I totally intend to upgrade to Pro but really want to see how far I can go with the "basic".  So I've set up a simple blog site and have made one Post (copy and pasted first verse of an Oscar Wilde poem).  Using the CMS theme I cannot control the formatting, i.e. line breaks etc.  but if I change to a different theme it displays correctly.  I'm not sure if this "anomaly" goes away in the Pro version but it should work in this one.  Has anyone else run across this?  Maybe its cockpit error, I also have a problem when clicking on the "read more" to expand the text, it brings me to a 404 error.  Anyone else seeing this kind of problem?  You can see my problems at

1 year, 5 months ago on DMS Reviews & Roadmap