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@Indy! McKenzie and Allen were pretty much in the clear last off season with a total dead money pool of $23.5M at the start of free agency.  Many successful teams operate between $20-30M in dead money every year (Patriots, Clots, and more), so that number was not even close to excessive.  They chose to cut Carson Palmer and sign Matt Flynn, which initially piled on an additional $17M immediately and another $9M when they decided to cut Flynn 5 games into the season.

So when you look at the actual reason why the Raiders had so much dead money it is pretty clear that Al Davis had nothing to do with it at this point.  McKenzie and Allen created the massive dead pool this year and everyone is using Al as an excuse.
McKenzie's draft picks have been terrible.  He does OK in free agency, but the Raiders need a GM who can run all aspects of operations, not just find a few gems in free agency.  Both Allen and McKenzie need to go, and the fact is by hiring both a first time GM and a first time Head Coach when the Raiders were in sore need of experienced leadership Mark Davis has shown himself to be little more than an idiot.
I do not believe this proud franchise will be able to resurrect itself until we have a new owner.

9 months, 4 weeks ago on Will Dennis Allen be back in 2014?


@MichaelHarris1 @rick.houlihan @Mustang69 I went to school in Oregon and worked in Seattle for 7 years.  I have lived in Austin for the last eight years, so I know a little bit about the areas.

Portland is a neat town, and Seattle is great for the whole two weeks out of the year when the weather is bearable.  The main problem with both towns is very short days and cruddy weather year round.  Austin gets hot in the Summer for sure, but I was out golfing in shorts last weekend and loving it.  No way that happens in Seattle after mid-September.

11 months ago on Hipster Showdown: Austin vs. Portland vs. Seattle


@Mustang69 Spoken like someone who has never been to Austin in their life.

Seattle and Portland are both dark, rainy, and miserable.  If you like sitting inside hoping that the rain will end someday then those are the places you want to live.

Portland live music better than Austin?  ROFL...that comment alone tells me you have never even been here.  As far as seafood goes you are obviously not very familiar with geography as TX has more shoreline on the Gulf of Mexico than any other state.  Reality is there is more seafood from TX on the menu at any given restaurant in Seattle than there is local.  All your shrimp, snapper, herring, drums, most of your sea bass and more come from the Lone Star State.

You really have no idea, and that is fine.  Stay up in your icebox and enjoy the dark, dank, mold inducing weather.

11 months, 1 week ago on Hipster Showdown: Austin vs. Portland vs. Seattle


Austin trumps them all, and I have lived in all three.  Portland and Seattle are miserable places to live.  The constant rain, endless overcast skies, bitter cold, and short days are more and more depressing the longer you are there.  Portland is an economic rubber band that oscillates between mediocrity and disaster, and if you don't work for Amazon or Microsoft Seattle is a slog for professional workers as well.

Austin has a booming economy yet is still affordable, great weather except for the heart of the summer, the best live music scene in the entire world, and a truly amazing culture.  Portland and Seattle are weak competition.

11 months, 1 week ago on Hipster Showdown: Austin vs. Portland vs. Seattle