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 @OtterPapa  Hi, I read your comments with interest, I was one of the other participants..( andy hughes) One of the reasons for the expedition (correct me anyone if you like) is that in a world where we feel we need certainty, we feel we need security of tenure of the planet, i.e. humans often continually look to find validity and reasons for the way things are - putting artists and scientists together means that for once we can look and think about the topic (plastic pollution) on many levels. How does this issue make one feel, clearly science may have many answers for many topics. I for one love reading and hearing about new scientific discoveries, it enables me to understand the world I live in 'better'. But, its a big but - solutions to problems such as climate change, pollution and plastic waste etc. might just require people and populations to be emotionally moved, to change oneself rather than look to others to undertake on our behalf. As a socialist there are many things in the world I'd like to see change, clearly they won't happen in my lifetime. I'd like to think in some very minor way the images we will make from our expedition might move people in some way, will various policy makers be sufficiently moved to introduced changes in policy maybe ? will humans stop having a party with petroleum, probably not until it finally runs out, maybe then after a few millennia the surface of the world might have less plastic waste and human rubbish.

1 year, 7 months ago on VIDEO: Immense Plastics, Many Perspectives, One Solution