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@AndyHughes1 hey Andy- I appreciate your response but I do find it pretty defeatist and passing the buck onto others to do the 'real work for change, ' inspiring policy makers' etc. Where I take issue is in the misunderstanding that this body might have about the policy world- that change and metric reductions in plastic reaching the ocean IS happening and not because of these kind of 'I care light' sort of films. I just don't like getting financial appeals from an organization saying that they're working to solve the problem when they're not even a player in the solution because they, themselves choose to stand on the sidelines from an action standpoint- none of this is to say that educational pieces like this video don't have any value, they do ( though its been done to death now- the 'i care its horrible no solution' video, but they're not a solution and shouldn't be propped up as such, let alone be the subject of a financial appeal. I can't help but think that I'd this group made a film about the garbage in say, Philadelphia, and used the Nat Geo brand to leverage the visuals with policymakers, you'd see the success you don't believe you can achieve.

11 months, 3 weeks ago on VIDEO: Immense Plastics, Many Perspectives, One Solution


Hey Nick: I got the appeal today that references this project which I think is really cool, but I'm curious about this statement, "The ocean is no place for plastics. Watch how 14 experts from drastically different backgrounds plan to research and eliminate marine debris from our ocean. " Though I found the video compelling, I didn't see any aspect of 'plans to eliminate plastics from our ocean' but saw this is as a educational device, but not a policy device, indeed it didn't reference any solution that I'm aware of. Is it still all just beach cleanup? Or do you guys plan to develop a legislative or corporate social responsibility arm? Thanks

11 months, 4 weeks ago on VIDEO: Immense Plastics, Many Perspectives, One Solution