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I had a bad feeling when I heard that Sefolosha was out. All of the Thunder fans calling for Harden to start over Thabo need to realize that basketball is more than just an offensive game. For the Thunder especially, you have to realize that their offense is at it's best coming off of defensive stops. That having been said I do think this loss was not only the product of the Thunder not playing well, but also the Clippers probably playing their best game of the season. Also, I am a big fan of Harden, but I think Sefolosha's defense is under appreciated. The reason you start Sefolosha is because the other team will start their best scorer, and Thabo does a good job of neutralizing them. Hate all you want, but I think the Thunder's 0-3 record when Sefolosha is not playing at all, or much (in the case of Dallas) speaks for itself.

3 years, 2 months ago on A whole lot happened in OKC’s 112-100 loss to the Clippers