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Good thoughts Lindsay. I think those dudes who wrote the sticky note book shared your thesis. Of course I can't remember their names or the real name of their book! And the only reason I have my phone located is because I tell myself where I'm putting it. Out loud. Like I would be telling another person, but it's me. But I can remember the time when I was 8 or so in our backyard in Wisconsin, we were having a family picnic. My grandad bit into a slice of watermelon and as he pulled it out of his mouth, his choppers came, too. Tops and bottoms. Without a word of a lie! And if that isn't a content story for Poligrip marketing, I'll eat my hat. With my choppers. I'm calling the Poli people right now. Well done.

3 years, 3 months ago on The Art of Storytelling