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I think you misspoke when you said: "South Carolina? It’s a school that ranks in the lower-half of the SEC in athletic budgets in the middle of a state that ranks in the bottom-half for population."

From your website:

Rank School Athletic Expenses ’09-’10 (Millions) 1 Florida 105.2 2 LSU 102.2 3 Tennessee 96.6 4 Auburn 90.8 5 Alabama 85.3 6 S. Carolina 78.2 7t Georgia 76.2 7t Kentucky 76.2 9 Arkansas 71.8 10 Vanderbilt 45.7 11 Ole Miss 43.9 12 Miss. State 36.2

Gamecock Nation appreciates the recognition, but USC is a well-funded athletic program with proud fans. Finally, success is occurring on the football field.

3 years, 3 months ago on Carolina’s Best Season Ever Was Also Spurrier’s Best Season Ever