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@JonathanCousar My "scheme?" I asked Uber if they were in compliance with a county code, I didn't really have a scheme in mind.

Ever ridden in a Seattle cab, Jon? Many are Priuses (i.e., not rickety, not dirty) with friendly drivers. I use Uber from time to time, too, and while I enjoy the convenience of summoning a ride from an app on my phone, I frequently have to give Uber drivers directions to my destination (despite the omnipresent GPS in their vehicles), while I rarely need to do so with cab drivers.

I do believe in choice. I also believe in local governments providing affordable and reliable transportation for its constituents (I guess that's my "scheme"). If Uber or another private company wants to complete with that, then so be it. Uber seems to be complying with the rules and regulations, so good on them. But I still reserve my right to free speech when I think their surcharge is a gouge.

Don't you believe in free speech, Jon?

10 months, 2 weeks ago on NYE Surge Pricing Explained


@MichelleBroderick But Uber *is* a for-hire vehicle company, a designation which is clearly included in section 6.64 of the county's code.

Based on the code's requirements for what a for-hire vehicle company must do to charge special rates, it's not at all clear whether this "surge pricing" actually complies.

2 years, 9 months ago on NYE Surge Pricing Explained


Can you explain how this pricing model is compliant with King County's regulations (Seattle area) on for-hire vehicles? Specifically section 6.64.760 - Rates, available here:

2 years, 10 months ago on NYE Surge Pricing Explained