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Some great ideas, Arik. Every year in Jacksonville, we discuss how to improve our chapter awards and I'm shamelessly going to steal the PR Year in Review idea. We've also toyed with the idea of dropping the binders. Your post has convinced me it's time. Someone has to jump - might as well be us! Thanks for the post! 

2 years ago on 5 ideas to make the Minnesota Classics even better


Great post Arik, though I believe the original error by Ocean Marketing was a customer service fail, not a PR fail. It only evolved into a PR debacle when it hit Penny Arcade and the subsequent firestorm of blogs and posts dominated our feeds for a couple of days. Agree with @vedo that we should mine for PR Triumphs rather than the failures. I know I'm always looking for success stories and positive case studies that I can both learn from, and share with my clients and colleagues.

3 years, 3 months ago on Are we helping or hurting by blogging about PR flame-outs?