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Doesn't John Strong have some sort of contract with Fox for events like CONCACAF champions league and Europa league? I could've sworn I've seen him, and also other American soccer voices like Steve Cangialosi and JP Dellacamera, working those games, which may help transition them into the World Cup team. With NBCSN losing MLS, it seems natural for Strong to make the jump over to FS1 and be their lead play by guy.

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It also would have been nice to capitalize on tomorrow's off day from the WC. It looks like there are two games scheduled but both are on MLS Live only. While the major partners have other commitments (ESPN is showing a NASCAR race, ESPN2 has Friday Night Fights, and NBCSN is showing the NHL draft), I'm sure that they could have made something work ESPN's channels (ESPN2 for the first, News for the second?), even if for just one of the games. Both are games that could be great advertisements for the league: NY-Toronto is a decent matchup and, given how the Red Bulls' season has gone, could go any way, and the second game, KC-Portland, features one the league's most consistent teams against one of the most passionate fan bases in the league. It could have been marketed well by playing up the fact that tomorrow is the first day without games in the past two weeks and that fans could whet their appetite with two MLS games. Instead, the league and its partners haven't really attempted to capitalize on the momentum and showcased the league to people who might not be familiar with it.

I'm also shocked/alarmed at the dearth of MLS commercials during WC broadcasts. I've seen maybe one and I have watched at least some of basically every game (most on my phone at work through ESPN3 and that cuts out some, but not all, commercials). I hope that MLS teams have bought some local advertising to try and drive some ticket sales and local television viewing at the very least. I first got into soccer when I was in Germany during Euro 2004 and when I came home, it was really difficult to figure out where I could continue to engage in the sport (answer: a random MLS game here and there and Copa America on Telemundo). I'm certain that there are people out there who, like me, are finding that they really like the sport and want to see more of it as a result of exposure via a big international tournament. MLS really should be stepping in and showing people that (assuming they live in an MLS market), they can get it right down the street.

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@CUbsfan if you'd googled her, you'd have found the answer in 2 seconds... like I did:

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