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You must remember that Obama appointed Dr. Margaret Hamburg as the new head of the FDA. She Only allows certain drug companies to get approval for their drugs. She took the Breast Cancer medicine, Avastin, off the market despite hundreds of thousands of women and Oncologists begging her not to. When these patients and their Doctors asked the drug company to sue the FDA the drug company said they had been warned by the FDA that if they sued them they would sure that no other drug invented by that company would ever be approved! The drug company said they are afraid of Hamburg because she is untouchable! This is mobster tactics...and has nothing to do with "protecting people"! It is all about power and money and the FDA is out of control with both of these! We have hope if we get rid of obama... Hamburg is his appointee and she indeed answers to no one! Our only hope is to elect whoever runs against him! Ron Paul said that he would dissolve the FDA because all they do is keep good medicine away from the people who need it!! Without obama Hamburg is finished! Sorry to politicize this issue but the FDA is so corrupt that unless we take her power away, we will be doomed!

3 years, 3 months ago on Time to Get Rid of the FDA