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@pross @phimisters  - so what you're saying is that since I have a DMS dev subscription that I can download v2 and upgrade my sites with the current v1.1.8?

1 year ago on DMS 2 is here!


Where can we contact the Pros?  The page is now gone and I need to hire someone.

1 year, 8 months ago on Coming back online…


@MaxwellBoardman  Thanks for the opinions Maxwell.  Could you provide a link or two to websites that you've converted to DMS?  

Regarding 99lime or other free tool sets - I agree, they are extremely basic, lack CMS and obviously DMS capabilities... but I don't have to worry about my clients being without certain features if I've forgotten to update my credit card on file with pagelines - thus locking them out of editing things once I've built the site for them. 

Btw, how long does a "seemless" transfer from Framework to DMS take?  And what if you've written on average 500+ lines of CSS per site to accomplish things for clients, as well as custom hooks and jQuery modes and PHP hacks in functions.php 

Honestly, I bet that it'll take a few hours for each site to transition smoothly... which won't be billed to the client - thus putting me out $2k just to update my actively managed client sites.

I'm not ragging on them or the new DMS - honestly I'm excited about it.  However, the fact that I'm going to have to put out extra time that'll cost me money to transition sites - and then not even be given the "bro" discount is very insulting. 

1 year, 8 months ago on Your DMS awaits.


@fernal - I'm right there with you.  I paid for Pagelines Platform, then got the upgrade discount (still 3x what a premium theme would cost) to Pagelines Framework... now they want us to switch all our active websites (I manage close to 20 active sites) if we want to benefit from future features, yet won't cut us a serious discount for the amount of man hours it'll take to convert sites over!

I'm at the tipping point of dumping Pagelines for kits like - and just go back to coding websites.  @arpowers, you're holding your loyal userbase hostage by freezing Framework features and forcing us to pay the "joe blow" rate...  you need to work up something stat... its better to save the 10% of your usebase that'll walk away over the mistreatment. 

1 year, 8 months ago on Your DMS awaits.


Not going to buy it now... but this looks like a boss plugin.  Like that you included a count down as well as menu and gravity form support.  Def worth the $25!


2 years, 1 month ago on Coming Soon


I'd throw cash down on this if it supported unlimited tabs... or at least 10 :D


2 years, 1 month ago on Gadget


@joshua, that a bummer that your experience was so rough... I really like how you implemented this slider on and was going to buy this slider until I read your experience.  Thanks for the heads up!

3 years ago on Parallax Slider


The store is definitely awesome... and I'm glad to see it picking up more sections... I definitely use this a good bit.


One thing I would suggest is a feed that displays topics related to the support of each individual section/theme/plugin.  Like how when you go to and on any plugin page there is the feed in the bottom right hand corner that shows the trouble shooting or questions that users have and the response by the author.  This saves the user time (if he finds that his question has already been asked) and the author time (because he doesn't have to keep answering the same questions via email! :)

3 years ago on PageLines Store Update – 3/23/12


Ouch... that's not cool. I do a little <a href="">social media</a> work myself, but I'm not active enough on my own blog to be a target of anyone... in fact I just took down about 20 past blogs because I'm going in a new direction.

Side question: what do you think is the ideal number of blogs per week for a small web design/SEO company. Obviously I see the SEO gains in a blog, but to be quite honest, I'm pretty busy with work on client sites that I don't have a lot of spare time to update mine.

Thanks in advance!


3 years, 2 months ago on Best of 2011 – Blog Theft: When Your Work is Stolen – A True Story