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Noooooo....I am not satisfied anymore with the excuse that cancer is an epidemic. Something is seriously going on in our environment. We need to roll back 70years from now and also look at countries that have the lowest rate of cancers.

....please "3rd world countries" you are doing something right! Do not try to be like these "1st world countries"

My condolences on the family sudden.

2 days, 20 hours ago on Sad News: Former BB&W ‘Hottie’ Succumbs to Cancer at 41


I had this discussion this weekend with my cousin. We have to get rid of the color to identify each other. . Black, white, hispanic, Asian ? We need to stop that, we tend to identify with ethnicity culture more, that is the only way to help society. If I live in a Greek neighborhood and eat the food from the neighborhood and love the neighborhood, I would have Greek health issues, not Southerners issues. All Americans from the South eat fried chicken, black, white, mix.

Thus concerning this young man congrats, but I view him Ghanian American, I am sure not all Ghanaian identify with him, because there are a million Ethnicities there. I do not identify with African American either. I put other, I am from the Caribbean.

1 week, 3 days ago on African vs. African American: Can We Still Legitimately Claim Racism When Folks that Look Just Like Us Come Here and WIN?!