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We have Hawk Harrelson and Steve Stone.  What's not to like?  They support the team they work for, call a good & fair game, get on the team when it's performing badly and call out the shockingly bad state of MLB umpires.  They both provide proper insight, don't talk just to hear themselves blather, have good stories; most teams would pay good money to get a pair like that in the booth.  Harrelson's major flaw is being behind the times in sabermetrics, but since most announcers are still in the stone age on that it's hardly a notable flaw at this point.

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@Faireunoeuf Ah, so you never read 538 during the election.  Yes, you've admitted as much.  Otherwise you're simply lying and attempting to ignore all the clear-headed analysis that Silver and the others at 538 provided for the polling data.

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