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Last night will be the last time that I use Uber's services. I noticed the icon that indicated "raised rates." However, I never received any notification that the rates would be quadrupled, giving me the opportunity to cancel before arrival. I inquired with the driver what the raised rates would be and he never answered the question. When we arrived at our destination, we asked to see the rate. The driver did not show it to us and waited until he drove off to complete the ride so that we would receive the email. It was $170 for what is typically a $20 ride. The driver also waited in traffic ($18 fee for time x4 = paying $72 to wait in traffic!) when the driver could have taken alternative routes. During the ride, we even thanked the driver for being prompt and he himself said "wait until you see the bill". We asked what he meant by that and he quickly changed the conversation. The company did not quadruple rates for reliability, they did it for greed. It is the same reason that amusement parks charge $5 for a bottle of water. Because they have a captive audience.

3 years, 3 months ago on NYE Surge Pricing Explained