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Trade Howard?  What r u thinking?  There is no center even close to him in the NBA.  First, do I even have to argue about firing Otis?  Ahhhhh--Arenas?  Gortat gone?  D12 wants some talent to play with him....Duh?  As to Stan--Have any of you been in a relationship, where your partner just constantly picks at the negatives?  Constantly?  You win by 20 points, and Stan goes on and on about what wasn't right.  Enough is enough--time for Stan to move on. Even Shaq said IT on TV--the players tuned Stan out in Miami--which is the Real reason he was replaced.  Build around D12, Ryan, a new coach and a new GM. 

2 years, 8 months ago on Magic Wands: Leadership Questions in Orlando | April


I think Von Wafer had a lot to do with this victory--Both offensively and defensively. AND, he can also bring the ball up the court. Wizards second team--mostly a group of athletic youngsters--athletic being the key word here. Turk can not keep up with more athletic players. In the fourth quarter, Stan finally switched Von to guarding Young--again, more athletic. I have said this before, more Von, and play Clark more--Clark and Howard are the two most athletic players on the team--imho

2 years, 10 months ago on Recap: Orlando Magic 109, Washington Wizards 103


@Voecklen@erivera7 Totally agree. The best guy to quickly cut to the basket--seems to be Von Wafer. The last two games--the Magic offense looked very good when Howard was on the bench--Obviously, I am not suggesting bench Howard--Stan needs to mix it up a lot more!

2 years, 10 months ago on Recap: Boston Celtics 91, Orlando Magic 83


@CarloSimone I had this exact same line up in my head. In the second quarter last night, Clark really frustrated Pierce. Pierce could not score against Clark, so finally, Pierce used his old standby of leaning into Clark to draw the "foul" a couple of times. In the second quarter against Indiana, Clark was the game shifter--rebounds, blocked shots, defense. Start the stagnant Richardson, or play the athletic and young Clark--Duh! In games, Clark could guard the 2 or the 3 or the 4--depending on the matchups.

2 years, 11 months ago on Recap: Boston Celtics 91, Orlando Magic 83


I think most Magic fans will agree--more athleticism is needed. To me, the two most athletic players on our team our Howard and Clark--But, in a different and complimentary way. I see your above article as being dead-on with regards to Clark. It looks to me, like Clark is athletic enough, and fast enough, to guard almost anyone in the league. More minutes Please!!!

2 years, 11 months ago on Earl Clark shows off defensive potential


@jeffshannonhouse@DannyNowell I agree with you jeff. Plus, this team seems to be coming together well--TEAMS still win championships. Athleticism--other than Howard--does seem to be our biggest deficiency. Everything I read and observe, says it takes time to learn Van Gundys defense. We have some very athletic guys sitting on the bench. (rookies) Clark is a freak--I hope he learns! Wafer is looking good. Davis is learning fast. Bass for Wafer and Davis? Looks like we came out way ahead. Last, and certainly not least, the Guys seem to really enjoy each other! (eg--Howard "resuscitating" Davis last night, and then later in the game--Davis "resuscitating" Howard) My bottom line, like yours, lets hold our cards, and see what happens!

2 years, 11 months ago on Keeping Dwight Howard around