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UGA didn't beg anyone to have the game moved; have a little class. The schedule is set by the SEC, not Georgia. I appreciate your view of last season, and I don't think Arkansas is as good as ya'll think they are.

2 years, 9 months ago on Spurrier Says UGA Picked Over USC Because Of Schedule


We'll see in the second week of the season when they face the Dawgs; UGA will be returning a fearsome front 7 on defense, big men that are very fast and strong!

3 years ago on Mizzou OC Yost Ready To Challenge SEC Defenses


I think some of you are overlooking the fact that Arnett was close with his position coach, who decided to retire rather than put up with the DaRick. I don't blame the kid for leaving if Dooley doesn't have the spine to back his coach and not pamper a primma donna~

3 years, 3 months ago on PR Bungle: Dooley Won’t Give Vol WR Arnett A Free Pass To Transfer