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You can pick up Neal's and Cook's for dirt cheap. I peg him more in the shooter category than creator category.

Thats why they played him less and less as a lone 6 guy - so overvalued shooter imo.

1 year, 9 months ago on Kevin Martin walks, leaving a hole that needs filling


I might have missed one or two games, but I didn't really see anything that's not readily replaceable. Shooters are the easiest to replace in this league. Like the guy on a personal level, but we know that Lamb can shoot if nothing else.

There's some decent evidence of defensive, passing, and creation upside also. Plus, Reggie showed that he deserves more minutes. Problem solved.

1 year, 9 months ago on Kevin Martin walks, leaving a hole that needs filling


Rare poster with one comment. From afar, it seems like KD feels like he needs to become more like Lebron to win big. KD won't beat Lebron by out-Lebroning him. He needs to out-KD him.

2 years, 1 month ago on KD and the Thunder bounce back and wax the Jazz, 110-87


My turn to play coach...

At this point you need to make some aggressive adjustments. What do you have to lose? If we stick with status quo, we might snag one. We need to muck up their style somehow. Smallball? Force their bigs to beat us?


Our one big lineups have been effective. So,

-Nazr = no time unless hack a Splitter

-Perk = minutes down > not gone

-Collison = more minutes > best pick and roll big

-Serge = heavy minutes > bad at pick and roll, but best at recovery


Really we can't afford to be bad on offense and defense for 6 minutes to start (i.e., 10-2 deficit that we never recovered from). So, balance the offense/defense lineup?


So, one to start? Who? Ibaka = for a fighter's chance at tip and floor spacing. Who takes Perk's starting role? I say Cook. I know he's been a non-factor, but he needs shots. In fact, run the very first offensive set for him to get a good look and hopefully grab some confidence.


-Starters = Ibaka, KD, Thabo, Cook, Russ.


And mix it up even more...

Put Thabo on Parker out of the gate = save some Russ for offense. Russ on Leonard and Cook on Green.


Get Cook that easy look from the tip.Then, slap him and Thabo in the corners offensively for spacing.


PnR's with Russ,KD, and Ibaka who can all hit the shot or attack out of the roll and pop.


Perk plays, but not a lot in conjunction with Thabo. Less minutes and super aggressive.

2 years, 10 months ago on Practice Report: One at a time



 KD = 26 / Russ = 31 / Serge = 11

2 years, 11 months ago on Thunder at Lakers: Game 3 Pregame Primer


I actually feel like these arguments are kind of a positive from time to time. It shows they uber-competitive and genuinely care about the end results. The best time to learn from mistakes or wrongs is right when they happen with constructive feedback. As long as they are on the same page when they leave the bench, I'm cool with it. As long as it's not all the time, so be it. I would be more concerned if they didn't care enough to be that emotional.

3 years, 3 months ago on This whole thing was about Thabo Sefolosha