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Very well written, Smoke has my respect, support and understanding. Now he needs the will to win again. God bless Tony

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Good for you, I back up what you said, Jim Noble, Donovan McNabb, any one else who don't think these drivers are athletes, try this, I once heard DW say when asked what it was like to drive a race car, he said, "go out in the middle of summer, get in your car, sit in the middle of an unshaded parking lot and put your windows up, oh and the turn your heater up as high as in will go, now sit there car running for 4 hours, you'll almost know what it's like". My dad was a racer, in the middle and late 1940's he only won one race in his career but he sat in that race car the same as Richard Petty did. If he can pass everything he needs to and doesn't get in anyone's way, like the17 does now, fine race on

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doesn't sound good for business, I've stopped watching all WWE shows I'm sick of this story line, Need to go back to the Attitude Era

1 year, 6 months ago on Fans demand refund for overturned WWE PPV result... and get it