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The OKC Thunder media are the only remaining defenders of that ridiculous trade. The national media just simply crushes Presti over and over for it. I repeat, not a single player from the James Harden trade touched the floor tonight in a game in which the bench scored 9 total points. The Thunder essentially gave away a top 10-15 player in the league for nothing in return. Harden makes 5 million more than Perkins this year!

2 hours, 40 minutes ago on New game, same story: Grizzlies survive Thunder magic again


Not a single player involved in the James Harden trade saw the floor tonight for the Thunder. They essentially gave a top 10 player in the league away to the Rockets for nothing. Somehow Royce will still defend the trade though. Lol. Also, Kendrick Perkins made 8.5 million this year compared to 13.5 million for Harden. 

3 hours, 38 minutes ago on New game, same story: Grizzlies survive Thunder magic again


The Thunder were asking a top 10 player in the league to come off the bench AND take less money. That really was ridiculous. How anyone could fault Harden for leaving is dumb. I understand that Royce is a Thunder employee, but that take is ridiculous. The only folks that do not think the Thunder made a mistake letting him go are the local OKC media. Everyone else knows it was ridiculous. Try to be objective. The Thunder have made millions and millions in profits and in the increase in the value of the franchise so to say it was a financial decision is simply not true.

12 hours, 19 minutes ago on Harden: Money was the deciding factor in leaving OKC


Suggestion to help relieve some of the offensive pressure put on by the Grizzlies: More screen-and-roll from Durant and Westbrook. It makes Tony Allen either hedge off or fight over a screen. I don’t think isolating KD on Allen is a great plan.

Brooks has only had 3 playoff matchups against Memphis the last few years. Give him time Royce...geez. He'll figure out at some point that posting up KD 25 feet from the basket against Tony Allen isn't the best idea.

2 days, 18 hours ago on Grizzlies even up despite some late magic from the Thunder


The fact that Royce thinks Harden should have been paid, or gotten the minutes of a sixth man make me laugh out loud. They essentially traded a top 8 player in the league (#5 in many folks MVP votes) for Jeremy Lamb, who isn't really in the rotation anymore and Steven Adams is ridiculous. 

Scott Brooks' decision to never stop playing Perkins against the the Heat two years ago is reason enough to move him WAY down the pecking order of coaches in the NBA. 

Those two reasons alone are worth justifying OKC as the 8th best run IMO. The fact is that Durant alone is good enough to carry a few teams to the title, he's simply that good. See LBJ in Cleveland.

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