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Great feature, Royce. Thanks.

3 years, 3 months ago on View from the crowd: Kevin Durant’s game-winner against Dallas


"Westbrook is a very emotional player that has admitted that’s an area he wants to improve in. He reacts, yells and gets very frustrated at times. It’s just who he is as a player. It’s what makes him great, and sometimes not so great. And Durant, as the leader of the Thunder, has to take it upon himself to calm Westbrook down, which sometimes results in a reaction."

Royce, I respectfully disagree.

Look, Westbrook has a few issues that need to be addressed. His temper and hyper-aggressiveness caused a few problems in the playoffs. Russ is young, but I expected some mental improvement in the long offseason. Instead he's played pretty crappy the first 3 games this season and is already b*tching and pouting in the huddle. It's unacceptable and time to grow up. It shouldn't be easily dismissed as Russ is "just who he is as a player". C'mon. Olajuwon was a wildly athletic and hot headed player early in his career, but he matured to become an All-Time great. It's time for Russ to become a mentally tough player, especially when has the prototype professional starting next to him every night.

And the last thing KD needs to waste his time on is babysitting Westbrook. He's got too much weight and expectations on his shoulders to have distractions like this in the media. The team might not be that bothered by the altercation, but it certainly isn't a positive development. The time to compete for a NBA championship is RIGHT NOW, and they need Westbrook at his best to win it all.

3 years, 3 months ago on Westbrook and Durant have altercation, had to be separated