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Elizabeth...I have to say I came across your article as if by fate when it popped up on the twitter feed I set up on my hubby's phone (that I check once every blue moon), and boy am I glad that I did. The picture that inspired your post is one of my favorites, not only because of its ability to make me smile everytime I see it, but also because it was most likely taken in my husband's home province (based on the fact that the girl is in a Buriat Deel and on the steepe!)

I too have seen the movie Babies, and even more telling have lived in Mongolia (in the town next to the one where the family in the movie lived actually)...and I can attest to the pure joy/happiness/contentment that Mongolian babies seem to embody. Is it in their nature? Is it how they are nurtured? My guess is a little of both, but I envy them that temperment and wish the same for my little 1/2 Mongolian son ... which is why I try my best to be as Mongolish a Mama as possible, something that it seems you have unknowingly done as well (a very difficult thing to do in a western society, especially the extended breast feeding, we are only at 4 months and already people are expecting us to ween O_o).

Thank you for writing this article, I really enjoyed reading it ^_^

3 years, 3 months ago on The Movie Babies: Parenting and Playfulness