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@Scott P  Based on what Horton has said, I was thinking of Morgan as a DE who may play either over the tackle or inside on third downs. He could still end up as an OLB, though.

On-the-ball linebackers = OLB, off-the-ball linebackers = ILB. Wimbley is definitely an OLB in this scheme, and that's where he played most of his career (3-4 OLB mostly in CLE, 4-3 OLB/DE in sub in OAK and like Ayers on the line a lot as an OLB).

I definitely see Brown and Gooden as ILBs. It wouldn't surprise me that much to see Brown and Fokou the starting ILBs Week 1, not that I would like that much more than anybody else would. Given the youth they already have (Brown, Gooden, McCarthy), I definitely do expect them to bring in a veteran ILB even if it's a cheaper guy like Larry Foote.

1 month ago on Titans add DL Al Woods