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 @TheJolson Great point. Arguably, his best season was his rookie year when looking at Per 36 numbers. He played exclusively at the 4 in Miami, but conversely, being a 6th man/3rd option then abandoning all of that going to a crappy Minnesota team likely stunted a lot of his growth

2 years, 8 months ago on Dwelling On Yesterday


@SanibelJack I get your point 100%, but at the same time you can't compare Joakim to Joel. Much as I hate that goofy annoying face of his, dude is a great player on both ends. He moves laterally as well as anyone (Joel included), can guard the P&R to perfection, and he can score at a decent clip. Nothing stellar but imagine if Joel could give you 8-10 ppg along with great defensive rebounding and passing (from the position). In my opinion, the Heat would flirt with some W-L records if Joakim l was the starting Center in Miami

And as for the article, was this inspired in part by the exchange with Stephan A Smith?

3 years, 2 months ago on Differing definitions of Clutch and Humble: Rose vs Miami Heat | January


I sort of get your point in asking why exactly has he not played, but to me it's simply that he was an atrocious 3rd string PF and an even worse backup C in the limited time we've seen him play C this year. He has no basketball use on the team. He isn't the player he was even 3-4 years ago. Poor rebounder, can't guard tall/athletic bigs, no range on his jump shot, no lift inside to finish. I mean it's not surprising considering his age, but I'm glad he isn't sniffing the court. If he's a good friend/locker room presence and is our 15th man, I'm content with that

3 years, 3 months ago on Missing: Juwan Howard | January


Nerve wracking game towards the end. Haslem was absolutely brutal on offense. Would rather see LeBron slide to the 4 and insert James Jones to beat the zone. But solid win for sure. Also good to see Battier hit a 3. It took Miller a good 3 weeks or so last year.

3 years, 4 months ago on Cole Delivers Heat Win Over Celtics | December