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This all hinges on a very shaky assumption: that Okur will regain his shooting touch this season. For a 32 year old guy with achilles and back problems, I'm not sure the Jazz made a HUGE mistake by trading him. If they had waited till the trade deadline and Okur played poorly this season, he was worthless and only effective as an expiring. Conversely, if he did play well and they waited he could be worth more. If he were 25 and coming off an injury, you can probably bank on a full recovery. The Jazz banked on that he'd never return to form. We honestly don't know which scenario will be truth until they play out but isn't declaring that the Jazz "cut their own throats by trading Okur" a bit excessive?

3 years, 3 months ago on How the Utah Jazz Cut Their Own Throats by Trading Mehmet Okur