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Chantilly, I loved your post. It's refreshing to get a take on language assimilation from someone who has gone through similar experiences. I grew up with English-language as a dominant force, but whenever I was being scolded, out came the Spanish! I too felt deprived in not having been taught Spanish at home. I had to learn what I could at high school like everyone else.


Here's an idea for you and your husband that could make Spanish a family affair: think about taking language lessons through Rosetta Stone or other online resource as a family. If everyone participates, it makes it easier for everyone to join in and reinforce learning. This means including the kids too. No matter what, thanks for your insightful blog. Keep it up. Buena suerte!

3 years ago on Parenting Bilingual Niños When You're Not Fluent


While the folks cited are notable, your list has a huge gap in it. Where are the Latinos, African-American and Asian leaders in this arena?

3 years, 3 months ago on The 13 most fascinating people (in digital PR/marketing) in 2012


In an era of budget cutting for social services, you can imagine what the gap between rich and poor will continue to look like. There are surely two Americas being founded based on the caprice of one's fortune to grow up in geographically and economically favorable conditions. With social mobility narrowing from the poorer ranks into the middle class, these disparities are as good as "life sentences." Thanks for shining a bright light at this very significant source of health problems.

3 years, 3 months ago on Now Reading: “Behavior is not the whole story” – Social and Economic Determinants are where Health Disparity Begins