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I have very fond memories of going to the local video store. Of course, I would almost always opt to rent a video game rather than a movie. There is one problem that would arise from time to time with video game rentals, however. In particular, I personally remember this happening after renting Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy II(IV). After renting and playing a game for seemingly endless hours, the time would eventually come to take it back. With a heavy heart, I would return the game, but have every intention of returning the next weekend to resume my never-ending struggle of good vs evil. However, upon arriving home and immediately rushing to my SNES, I would find that some ***hole had played the game for all of five seconds and taken it upon himself to save his worthless file over every previously existing file - of course including my own. My previous weekends of hard work ruined...

3 years, 7 months ago on Video Rental Memories


The 'Tunnel of Terror' looks like it should be named 'Deadly Danger Dungeon - The Ride'.

3 years, 7 months ago on Childhood Comics: The Stew - Tunnel of Terror - Killer Toilet