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To be fair, how is OBRA helping jr’s and U23 get to Europe? Is OBRA paying for them to get to the Europe CX camps? It appears to me that OBRA is not really supporting the transition form Local racing to National or international. Who do you thinks pays for USCF cx camps for jr’s and U23? It does not appear OBRA is. And how are the US cx racers going to complete at the International level if we follow the OBRA model? I think that yes some of the money from everyone's entry should go to fund the delvelpment camps for Jr’s & U23 in europe and at the national level.

Spending a few more buck per race to help support CX racing at all level is need. Sorry if it cuts into your BEER fund.

3 years, 4 months ago on USA Cycling Responds: Cyclocross Support and Independent Sanctioning Bodies