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i have questions about durant's heart. where is the need to impose his will and dominate? i know he can hit a shot. i know he can take over by hitting shots. but when the game gets tough for him, ive seen him fade way too many times. 

3 years ago on Thunder at Lakers: Pregame Primer


is this kd trying to keep harden in okc? like yo come get this ad money with me, and you wont even to worry about contract numbers. 

3 years ago on Saturday Morning Cartoons: You sunk my beard


 @ChilamBilam12 the coach doesn't have it. KD has it, but it isnt coupled with a need to dominate, and russell might have too much of it. brooks just needs to go. 

3 years, 1 month ago on Spurs vs. Thunder: Pregame Primer