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 @SEC2ndtier tobig12 But in Academics the ACC would be first tier and that's a lot more research money, the schools would be crazy to move away from the likes of Duke, UNC and Clemson to schools like Kansas, Kansas State and OK State and WVU. No way their Governing Board would allow that move.

2 years, 11 months ago on New ACC Deal Should Hush Rumors Of Teams Leaving


As a Mizzou fan that has worked in the "other" Columbia I wwill look forward to going back for a rival game. I love Columbia SC and can't wait to visit their stadium! Great area and great food.

2 years, 11 months ago on Carolina-Mizzou To Become A Trophy Game


I just found a link to the new uniforms. They're not the crazy Oregon type. I hate those too.

These are great! I love the ones with gold especially! Here's the link.

3 years ago on Mizzou “Wants To Grab A Little Piece Of What Oregon Has Done” Uniform-wise… Ugh