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From one's comments i just read, if this all does come around, I expect some schools just might dis-continue their football program altogether.....  Also, if this becomes a reality.....expect the fan ticket prices to SOAR !!  AND from this, I might not ENJOY college football as I have these many years.......  Football Saturday's will be very different from what they are now !

I am getting to feel, that if this brings on this much more chaos, and so many more issues, unhappy players and unhappy fans......then any college could just re-raise their entrance standards and get back to giving their students a QUALITY EDUCATION......!

I have always admired the IVY LEAGUE SCHOOLS.....they maintain their entrance standards.

1 week, 5 days ago on The End Is Nigh (For College Sports As We Knew Them); What The NLRB’s Ruling Means For The SEC