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Will teams increase their revenue with more control of the secondary market?  Won't this allow ticket prices to go down in the aggregate while allowing teams more flexibility with their luxury tax?  Or is the gate not substantial enough to take a chunk out of the money needed?

2 years, 6 months ago on Seriously though, why would the Thunder not keep Harden?


6. 20 decibels less on the jumbotron and fewer in-game crowd drowning music clips (75% the reason I didn't renew my loud city season tickets, other 25% ancillary costs to attend, beer and parking, too poor for all the costs). Love the team and the organization, can't stand the in-arena experience beyond the amazing product on the floor. I am not an old curmudgeon, only 29, but apparently I get headaches easily and am hard of hearing (from my girlfriend, who doesn't appreciate me not responding to her questions/comments, she doesn't have a powerful voice). I was disappointed at how little input they asked for from myself on these type of experiential aspects. Royce or others, do you know why they pump the music so loudly?Do these teams have research showing fans want the loud in-game music? Is it Sunday at 7pm yet?!?!

3 years, 4 months ago on DT Season Preview: Five more things I'd like to see this season